March 10, 2016
food high in saturated fat

Should I reduce saturated fat in my diet?

Should I reduce saturated fat in my diet? With low fat products on every supermarket shelf and advertised on TV it seems clear that saturated fat,...
February 2, 2016

Wales sets example for UK organ Donation

Organ donation is often an emotive subject. However, research from the NHS blood and transplantation service suggests 90% of the UK population support organ donation, with...
January 14, 2016

I have read that Statins are bad…?

How safe are Statins? Cardiologists have long believed the hypothesis that heart attacks and angina caused by narrowing and blockages to heart arteries are caused in...
December 4, 2015
e-cigarette, vape, vaping

Should I Vape?

Should I Vape? The link between smoking and heart attacks was actually proven in a landmark study on doctors back in the 1950’s — those who...
November 5, 2015
heart health, healthy woman

How can I Improve my heart health?

How can I Improve my heart health? As a Consultant Cardiologist my patients often ask me what can they do to improve their heart health? Although...